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Filling the World with Rustic Slate Candles

Every candle is made with love and passion. When we sell a candle, it fills our hearts with pride and happiness. When we sell in person we get a chance to see the smiles that our aromas bring, and that fills our hearts with joy! Remember that for every candle that is purchased, we plant a tree to help offset our carbon footprint and to better the future of our world. 

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Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks

Incense sticks can take you to a magical time in human history. Dating back to biblical and ancient times incense have been used to heal and bring about good fortunes with the gods. Rustic Slate Candle Company is bringing handmade incense sticks to our customers. We launched them over the weekend in person at Brambleton Fall Fest. Now you can find them at Rusticslate.

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Brambleton Fall Fest!

Rustic Slate Candle Company is attending this years Brambleton Fall Fest in Virginia on Saturday October 5th. Come check our unique handcrafted soy candles, natural handmade soap, and our newest collection handmade and hand dipped incense sticks. The perfect Fall Festival in Virginia where you can browse our aromas! Partnering with Hurricane Shayne Photography will be showcasing landscaping and nature photos.

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Why Soy Candles?

Whether you’re having a romantic dinner for two, or a special spa day at home, candles set the tone of the entire evening. Now you can easily get those basic sticks from the grocery store. However, if you really want to treat yourself, you should try our soy candles.

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